Cartoons just aren’t like they used to be!

Bruce Stark

Bandwagon jumping has never really been my thing. You know, the “latest and greatest” gadget comes out and everyone jumps for joy for a whopping week before they are on to the next thing.

AI would be a fun current event example. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not naysaying AI, but what I’m referring to is everyone hopping on the bandwagon for a few weeks and declaring “society as we know it is gone!” until the next week and they are back screaming about endangered chimpanzees and flying guerrillas. Now I can’t speak for endangered chimpanzees and flying guerrillas, but I’m VERY confident that AI isn’t going to destroy humanity and will actually be an amazing new technology that will better the lives of all of us.

Okay so this little rant wasn’t supposed to be about AI controlling our minds, instead it was supposed to be about how getting set in my ways, sometimes, just sometimes, gets in the way of me discovering truly amazing new things. And in this case, you guessed it, it’s PORN related!

Growing up we always fantasized about Jessica Rabbit and Gadget the Mouse. Those cute little facial features, that you could or couldn’t see, along with a curvy drop dead knockout body that would make any limp dick turn stiff at just a glimpse of skin. Oh, who am I kidding, a glimpse of skin is not even needed with hips like Jessica’s. Am I right?

With that in mind, my vision of a “sexy cartoon” was exactly that. Animated seductresses on your TV screen. Sexy, but not SEXy right? No real shot of tits. No real shot of ass. Just teasing while wearing, sometimes, sexy dresses and outfits (but not so much Gadget!)

But then the Sea opened and Moses showed me the way to the Promised Land. Yes, you probably guessed it, I discovered Hentai.

Now I could go on and on about what Hentai is or isn’t, but I’m no expert and I’m not going to pretend to be. I’m just a dude with a dick that likes sexy pictures every now and then (or a lot?) So instead of rambling on even further about my new infatuation, I’m just going to be your new Moses and show you the way.

The site I want to tell you about is called Hentai VN. What they did was found 10 of their favorite “Visual Novels” online and wrote up a great review about each, giving you a quick synopsis of what to expect. Picture your favorite graphic novel from Barnes & Noble, but packed full of sexy animated women, often getting fucked in all the dirty positions you fantasize about.

Oh, and here’s a little teaser…

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