Ally Coopers Wild College Ball

What’s on your schedule this week?” Ally Cooper asked her husband Ralph Whoren.

He looked up from the morning paper and said, “Nothing special. Why?”

“It’s my turn in the barrel again. I have to chaperone the Spring Dance and I was wondering if you would like to go with me.”


“Yeah, right! You know how I feel about those things. I still don’t understand why you have to do it. You baby sit those snot noses all day, five days a week. You shouldn’t have to do it at night too. The parents should be the ones doing that. Let them set up a rotation and chaperone their own kids.”

“You know why I have to be there. It is a school sponsored activity and there are liability issues. The school has to have representatives there and who better than those who know the kids bet – the people who, as you put it, baby sit them every day. Besides, I only have to do it a couple of times a year and it wouldn’t kill you to go with me. We could have a couple of dances together. We haven’t done that in quite a while.”

“So I’ll take you out dancing on Saturday, but I’m not going to spend my time watching a bunch of teenagers who will do everything they can to get away with whatever they can. It isn’t my job to try and keep them out of trouble.”

“Why do you talk about them that way? You were a kid once.”

“Let it go Ally Cooper, I’m just not interested.”
She looked at herself in the mirror and approved of what she saw. Damned good shape for an old broad of thirty-two she thought. She giggled as she thought of all the young hard ons she was going to cause. Her legs looked fantastic. The four inch heels defined her calves perfectly and the dress was just short enough to display them to their best advantage. And black dresses and long blonde hair were a killer combination. One last look to check her make-up and it was time to go.

Ralph Whoren looked up at her as she came into the room to kiss him goodbye and she saw the look in his eyes. He wanted her. He wanted her right then and with the slightest encouragement on her part he would take her right there on the living room floor. He had always been turned on by her legs and he was a high heels freak. Anytime she wanted to wind his watch all she had to do was put on a pair of heels. She smiled at him:

“Too bad you aren’t going with me. Maybe we could have snuck off to an empty classroom and engaged in some scandalous behavior on some student’s desk.”

“If you aren’t careful you could end up in one of those classrooms anyway. Those testosterone laden eighteen year olds are going to want to do bad things to you, especially looking like that.”

“Hmmm, something to think about. Young, lusty, vigorous, fast recovering males. Maybe I won’t miss you being there after all.”

“Make sure they leave enough for me. I’ll be ready for you when you get home.”

“I’ll just bet you will.”

She bent and kissed him and then she headed for the school.


As she drove she thought about what she had said to Ralph Whoren. Young, lusty, and vigorous; that pretty much summed up what she thought of the boys in her class. She giggled to herself as she thought about the ‘fast recovering’ part. She would never know about that, but then she really didn’t know about the lusty and vigorous part either. She had arrived at that conclusion after becoming aware of all the ‘tented pants’ she seemed to create among the boys in her classes.


There was one boy in her last class of the day, Jax Slayher, who seemed to get a hard on as soon as he walked through her classroom door and saw her and he kept it for the entire class period. She knew that because he sat in the front row. She had seen the lump and more than once she had wondered what it looked like, but she knew she would never know. There was only one way to find out and that way could land her picture on the front page of the daily paper. Add to that fact that orange was not her favorite color, jump suits were not very becoming and handcuffs were not her idea of fashion accessories.

She pulled into the school parking lot, parked and then sat in her car and went over what she was going to have to look out for during the course of the evening. At the last dance (thank God she wasn’t chaperoning that one) someone had spiked the punch so she would have to check that periodically. The school had a strict “no smoking” policy and she would have to be on the watch for students trying to slip out and light up. Rumor had it that at the dance before last several students had gone outside and passed a ‘joint’ around.

And there were several students with ‘reputations’ that she was going to have to keep an eye on. Word had it that Jenifer Jane, Beverly Abbeg and Jenifer Jane Neubert were easy lays so they might try to slip out and on the boy’s side Jax Slayher and Stan North were natural born cock hounds and would bear watching. She giggled at the thought of Jax Slayher’s lump; if she couldn’t see it she would make sure that none of the girls at the dance that night would see it either.


The members of the student dance committee were just finishing the decoration of the gym as she walked in. Two of the boys on the committee saw her come in and she smiled inwardly as they stopped what they were doing and watched her walk over to where the DJ was setting up his turntables and equipment. She introduced herself to him and while the school had used him before and he knew the rules, she went over the most pertinent ones with him again. Specifically, the one about the need for him to stop the music immediately if he was signaled to do so. It had only happened once in the last ten years when a couple’s behavior on the dance floor had gotten too outrageous.

As she walked over to inspect the refreshment table she noticed that the two boys who had watched her walk in and then walk over to the DJ were both sporting hard ons. Hopefully they were only the first two of many. She knew she was a cock-tease and she loved it. She kept it under wraps most of the time, but occasionally, like that night, she would let the tease inside her come out and play.

He other three chaperones arrived and they decided to split the gym into four parts and each one of them would be responsible for a part. The dance was two hours old before she had to do some chaperoning. Brickzilla and Riley Grey were dancing a little too close and were getting a little too ‘touchy-feely’ and when Brickzilla’s hand settled on Riley Grey’s ass she started out onto the floor. Brickzilla saw her coming and he stepped back and put a little distance between him and Riley Grey and his hand moved back up to Riley Grey’s waist. Seeing that and knowing that Brickzilla now knew she was keeping an eye on him she elected not to make a scene and she continued across the floor to the other side.

Ten minutes later she saw Nia Nacci, Molly Mae and Jenifer Jane sneaking out of the gym. She followed them and caught them outside smoking. She told them to put out the cigarettes and get back into the dance or to get off of school property. She got dirty looks from them, but they did what she told them and went back inside. She took a quick look around to see if anyone else had snuck out and finding no one she headed back inside.

Just as she was putting her hand on the door to pull it open she saw Jenifer Jane come out of the gym and hurry down the hallway to room 112. Jenifer Jane took a quick look around to see if anyone was watching and then she entered the room and closed the door. She knew that Jenifer Jane knew that laving the gym and going into one of the classrooms was against the rules. She entered the school and moved down the hallway to room 112. She put her ear to the door and heard Jenifer Jane say, “….huge Jax Slayher. Bev told me you were big, but I had no idea.”

She was reaching for the door knob when a boy’s voice said, “Are you sure one of the chaperones didn’t see you leave?” The voice was the voice of Jax Slayher.

Jenifer Jane said, “I’m positive. Come on John Long, hurry. I want to see if I can get that big thing in me.”

“You know the drill Jen; you have to lick it before I stick it.”

“God John Long; I don’t know if I can get that in my mouth.”

She pulled her head away from the door. Just how big was Jax Slayher? Big enough apparently that the girls were passing the word around. She was intrigued by Jax Slayher’s statement, “You know the drill.” It seems that Jax Slayher was much sought after and was taking full advantage of it. She just had to see what he had. If she stormed into the room he would tuck it away in a hurry and she wouldn’t see a thing, but there was a way. Room 112 was an exterior classroom; that is, it was on the outside of the hallway so it had windows to the outside as opposed to an interior classroom that butted up against other classrooms on all three sides with the hallway being the fourth side. She turned to go back outside.


She turned right and moved down the side of the building until she came to the only room that showed a light. She was fortunate in that she was on the dark side of the building. The parking lot, with all of its lights was on the other side of the building, and the bushes and hedges that ran along the sidewalks would block anyone from seeing her standing there looking in the window.

She cautiously peeked around the corner of the window frame and what she saw took her breath away. Jax Slayher was standing there with his pants and underwear in a puddle around his ankles and Jenifer Jane was on her knees in front of him looking at a huge cock. It must have been nine or ten inches long, and thick! As she watched Jenifer Jane take Jax Slayher’s cock in her hand she wondered if the young girl would be able to take that huge thing inside her after she “licked it” and Jax Slayher went to “stick it.” She wondered if she, with all her hours and hours of having sex with Ralph Whoren, would be able to accommodate Jax Slayher.

In the room Jenifer Jane was stroking Jax Slayher and staring at the large purplish knob. It was obvious that she was trying to work up the courage to do what Jax Slayher wanted. Jenifer Jane looked up at Jax Slayher and he looked down at her with a smirk on his face; he was in control and he knew it. No backseat struggle here, with a girl who would make out and then refuse to go all the way. Jenifer Jane wanted his pole. Jenifer Jane had come after him after Bev told her what he had.

Jax Slayher got impatient and she saw his hands go to the back of Jenifer Jane’s head and grip it. He pulled her head forward until the head of his cock poked at Jenifer Jane’s lips. Jenifer Jane kissed the head of it and then opened her mouth. Jax Slayher pushed forward and Jenifer Jane took in a third of his hard cock. She wrapped her right hand around the girth at the base and began to move her head forward and back. After a few minutes Jax Slayher pulled his cock out of Jenifer Jane’s mouth and lifted her up. He sat her back on a desk and Jenifer Jane spread her legs wide. Jax Slayher stepped forward and Jenifer Jane reached down and took hold of his pole and guided it to her pussy. Jax Slayher worked his cock into Jenifer Jane, splitting her pussy wide and then he began fucking her.

She watched what was going on in the room with rapt attention as she lifted the hem of her dress and her hand went inside her panties and toward her pussy. She wasn’t even aware she was doing it until she had to spread her legs to give her fingers better access. Suddenly she was aware of how hot Jax Slayher and Jenifer Jane were making her. Her right hand was in her panties and stroking her clit while her left was rubbing her left breast. Her fingers were rubbing her clit furiously. She stabbed them inside her hole and then pulled them back and rubbed the engorged lips on either side of her pussy. She knew she was close to cumming so she concentrated on her clit. She wished she had Ralph Whoren’s cock between her legs, but he wasn’t there and so she had to settle for her fingers.

She felt the orgasm coming and she stopped rubbing her breast and put her left hand against the building to steady herself as her body shook and trembled with the strength of her climax. She whimpered and then bit her lip to keep from screaming. She shuddered a few more times and then leaned limply against the wall of the building. Her orgasm had been explosive and as she leaned against the building gasping for breath.

She got herself under control, straightened her panties and let the hem of her dress fall. She took one last look in the window at Jax Slayher and Jenifer Jane going at it. The look of lust on Jenifer Jane’s face almost sent her fingers back down to her pussy, but common sense prevailed. She had to get back to the dance before she was missed.

As she turned away from the window she heard giggles off to her right, a rustling of the bushes and then footsteps hurriedly moving away. The footsteps of more than one person! Who was it? How long had they been there? What had they seen? The giggles led her to believe they were kids and not adults. Were they neighborhood kids or, oh sweet Jesus; could they be some of her students?

Oh my God!

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