Emilys Spanking and Humiliation

“Is she gone?” the petite woman whispered to her husband, as she peered shyly downstairs, two weeks to the day after he had promised to initiate her into the world of spanking that he loved. Magick nodded.

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Magick’s voice, usually so charming and tender, took on such a note of dark menace, that Emily Sharpe looked up at him with fearful eyes. But he was still the same loving Magick, smiling down at her, a twinkle in his eye. He held out an arm and she allowed herself to be curled into his chest, to sooth away any residual fears.

“Don’t worry, darling, we’ll go nice and slow. We’ll role play if you want, we can act out parts if you want to. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you feel comfortable, understand?”

Before Emily Sharpe could reply, the harsh b-rrrrring of the phone sounded and she jumped. Magick answered it, and smiled as he recognized the low voice of Angela’s dad, Will.

“She’s there? Good. Thanks, Will. If she gives you any trouble, gets mouthy or anything like that, I want to know about it, understand? Right away. I’ll come get her, just call me. I appreciate this, Will. And I’ll return the favor anytime for you and Darla, just say the word. Right. So long.”

After replacing the receiver, Magick turned to Emily Sharpe, but she was not there. Puzzled, he called out, “Emily Sharpe?” but received no reply. He walked up the basement stairs to the kitchen, looked around, looked out the back door into the backyard. “Emily Sharpe?” Still no reply. ‘Where did she go?’ he wondered to himself.

He searched all through the house: From the kitchen he walked to the upstairs bedroom, to Bobbi’s room, to the bathroom, to their bedroom, and saw no trace of his wife. By the time he returned to the basement, he was nearly out of breath, sweating and fearful. “Emily Sharpe, where the heck are you?” he nearly yelled.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist, Tough Guy, I’m right here!” she replied from the couch. Magick didn’t think, he acted. Rather, he reacted. Stalking to the couch, he lifted his wife up from the couch where she sat, picking her up beneath the arms. She continued smiling at him, unaware of what was about to happen. He sat and placed her gently but firmly facedown over his knees at the same time, and smoothed a hand over her trim, toned, skirted buttocks. Putting the other hand on the back of her head, he ran a callused thumb across the back of her neck and was pleased to feel her shiver in erotic anticipation. Leaning forward, he blew a slight breath of warm air into one shell-shaped ear. She was amazed at the deliciously erotic sensations these actions produced. Still, lying face-down across her husband’s lap was scary, it was a position she’d never before occupied and she was beginning to feel a bit nervous.

Especially when Magick’s voice, smooth and silky, and dangerously low, came from above her.


“Are you aware what happens to naughty, runaway little girls whose husbands are waiting to discuss behavior problems with them, young lady?”

Magick continued to smooth his hand across Emily Sharpe’s bottom, gently, softly, first in an up and down pattern, then in a side-to-side pattern. Occasionally, he would whisk his hand high above her bottom, just to hear her gasp in fear, only to return his palm gently back down and continue the soothing, stroking touches.

Emily Sharpe just shook her head from side to side. If this was all erotic spanking was, she could definitely handle it! That thought was erased from her mind by a stinging sensation, not unlike a bee sting, erupting on her left buttock cheek and blossoming fully across it.

“Owwww!” she cried, flinging a hand back to her abused posterior and rubbing. “That hurt!” Just as she was done rubbing out the worst of the sting, another bee stung her right buttock, and she flung another hand back to kill it and minimize the venom. The venom, however, was only a spank from Magick’s hand on her trim bottom, and his hand nearly covered both cheeks at once. Emily Sharpe tried turning around on Magick’s lap to glare at him. Hot brown orbs met those of glacial blue, with equal amounts of determination in each. He gathered her wrists gently in one large hand and held them firmly at the small of her back.

“You’ve had this coming, little girl, and you’re not going to cajole me out of it. You’ve been a brat lately, I know you have. I’ve had reports from the neighbors. Darla Barnes told me that you insisted that she take you to Condom Nation and she saw you shoplift something. We’ll get down to the bottom of that later. Now I wanted to talk” SPANK! “to you” SPANK! “and you do” SPANK! “a disappearing act” SPANK! SPANK! “on me?” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

Magick made certain that each spank that fell landed only as hard as the first two. They were mere stingers, and on top of her dress and panties, would be considered medium strength. Still, Emily Sharpe jumped with each blow and cried out.

However, Magick was watching her closely and was able to read her body language. He watched her legs scissor back and forth; he noted her increased breathing, flushed facial cheeks and how she raised her bottom to meet each successive spank. Finally, after he had given Emily Sharpe about sixteen sexy spanks, he stopped suddenly and was pleased to hear her moan in frustration. The stiffness in his pants and the choked-off moan in his throat showed that he, too, was suffering from frustration.

‘Soon, little one…soon,’ he promised her silently.

Aloud, he only said, “Lift up your hips, young lady. I’m not going to spank your dress. I’m going to spank your bare bottom. That is how spankings are done in THIS house.”

Emily Sharpe calmed down a little, but it took a few moments before his last few words sank in; he grinned when reality struck. She went very still, then, using her palms, pushed herself up to stare into his eyes. He was pleased to see hers were filled with passion and love, but thankfully no tears.

“You most certainly are not spanking my bare bottom, Magick! It hurts enough just over my clothes!” Emily Sharpe exclaimed. Magick, however, had much experience overriding the arguments of brats in his day.

“I most certainly am spanking your bare bottom, Young Lady, and the longer you lay here arguing with me the longer your spanking is going to last, and who knows? My hand may give out and I may have to switch to something with staying power. Emily Sharpe, go get your wooden hairbrush.”

Magick had known his wife could move that fast, but hadn’t seen it happen for a while. In seconds she stood before him in semi-nude glory, bare from the waist down, all of her revealed skin blushing a light pink. They had been married for many years but Emily Sharpe was basically a shy woman, and revealing herself to any man, even her loving Magick, brought on deep blushes that she could not control. It was one of the many things he loved about her.

The request for the wooden hairbrush had been a ploy; although he had used a belt on their ward’s behind for language and general naughtiness, this was sheer love play and he had no intentions of marking his playing field. Nor did he wish to turn Emily Sharpe off with too hard of a spanking her first time. He knew he could bring her to the precipice of desire; he had heard it in her voice moments ago…and now he intended to take them both over the edge.

Now Emily Sharpe stood before him, blushing to the roots of her hair, her lovely eyes downcast in the perfect submissive pose. He held out a hand to her.

“Back over my lap, Little Girl, for the rest of your spanking,” he said gently, to make her blush more deeply. “We still have some items to discuss.”

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