Inside The Closet – And Out

Peering through the slatted closet door, he scarcely breathed, as he watched the woman pull her blouse over her head, exposing medium sized tits with soft pink nipples, which she idly teased for a moment before reaching for the zipper on the side of her slacks.

He felt himself thicken and swell just a bit, the sight of this woman unknowingly disrobing in front of him. His breath thickened as his cock did, and he pulled a bit further back among her clothes, afraid she might sense him.

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He had sneaked into the house an hour earlier, after finding the sliding glass door on the back deck unlocked. He went straight down the hallway, looking for her bedroom. He hadn’t come to steal. The only drawers he opened were those in her dresser and her nightstand.

In the dresser he found panties, sexy panties which he imagined hugging her hips and pressing against her mound under her slacks. He imagined them cupping her ass, and easing up between her thighs, as he longed to do. He pressed them against his face, breathing deeply, feeling their softness and smelling her scent on them.

He had watched her for months, as she cut her grass or he cut his. She often worked in the garden and he had gotten close enough to see her breasts when she leaned over in her loose fitting blouses. He had watched her shorts stretch across her hips and strong ass and had wondered what it would feel like to fill his hands with her ass as he fucked her, pushing his cock up into her belly, feeling her thighs around him.

He was pretty sure she had caught him watching her body as she moved easily about the garden. She didn’t seem to mind, and he sure didn’t. She had only lived in the neighborhood for a few months, and he had only introduced himself well enough to chat over the fence or speak at the mailbox. Still, he often thought of her, and frequently jacked off to thoughts of being deep in her pussy or her ass.

He looked in her night stand drawer and found a vibrator and a tube of lubricant. He was excited and confused. Was she fucking someone, or was the vibrator the only lover she knew? He had searched her bedroom for other evidence and found several strands of heavy cord in her closet floor, where he now stood, gazing at her bare tits and her pussy, with the swollen mound stretching the front of her panties, and showing the hair beneath.

She walked out of his range of sight and he heard the bathroom door close, then the splash of her stream as she peed. He wanted to be standing there in the middle of the room when she came out, but he couldn’t make himself open the door.

In a moment she came back into sight, and turning away from him, she bent and pulled her panties down her thighs, showing him her ass. It was gorgeous, firm and symmetrical, with strong thighs below and wide smooth shoulders above. Bent over as she was, her ass was beautiful and he could just see the shadow of her pussy at the top of her thighs. His cock lurched, and his balls pulled up against the base of it.

He longed to slide his tongue along the top of her crack, where she had two butt dimples at the base of her spine. He longed to lick and nibble her butt cheeks and to mash and knead them in his hands. He wanted to put a thumb in each dimple and stroke deep into her twat, which was big and meaty, as befitted a woman of her age.

Her thick, puffy labia made his mouth water, she he dreamed of forcing his tongue between them, and driving it into her cunt, first creating juices, then claiming them for his own.

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His cock ached and twitched in his jeans as he willed her to turn around so he could see her full body. Slowly, brushing her hair, she made his wish come true. He stared at her tits, not large but firm and full enough for pleasure. Her nipples were a bit thick from the cool air, but it was her pussy that drew his eyes. It was shaved clean except for a strip perhaps an inch wide, centered on both sides of her vaginal slit.

Her mound was thick and puffy, and her lips were fleshy and a dark, almost chocolate color that made him want to plunge his face into her snatch, driving his nose into her and sniffing deeply of her scent and her wetness. Oh, how he longed to eat her until her juices ran down his chin and down her thighs, making her so wet he could plunge his cock into her in one stroke. His crazy plan to hide and watch her seemed like genius now, as his hand slowly reached to the front of his jeans and squeezed the hard lump there.

She went to the drawer of her night stand and his heart leaped. Was she going to fuck her vibrator? Was she going to use it to open her pussy and make herself come, as the vibrator danced across her clit and drove in and out of her swollen snatch? He couldn’t stand it and had to struggle not to groan and be heard.

She reached in the drawer and came out with the tube of cream, instead. It wasn’t a lubricant, or at least not primarily. It was a lotion and she put one foot on the bed as she spread the lotion form her ankles to the top of her thigh. He stared right into her snatch as she did so, and was rock hard within seconds. She moved the cream with long lazy firm strokes of her hands up and down her legs, stopping every now and then to touch her pussy or stroke her sweet lips.

Then she switched legs and he couldn’t see her pussy anymore. Instead, her buttock flexed and her outer thigh rippled with muscle as she put lotion on the other leg. He couldn’t stand it anymore and slowly, so slowly and quietly, slid his zipper down. As he reached for his cock, he brushed a wire hanger in the closet ever so slightly, but the noise it made sounded to him like a trash can falling over.

Had she hesitated just a flash in stroking the lotion onto her calf? Had she heard him? His heart pounded and he could feel his pulse in is hard cock as his hand clamped down on it. She continued to put lotion on, and he gradually relaxed, his breath easing and his attention returning to his throbbing hard on. He wished he had some lotion himself, but his own juices would have to do.

Then she lay face up on the bed, her feet towards him, her eyes closed. She began to tease her nipples and play with her tits. He began to roll his balls between his fingers and stroke his cock very quietly as he watched her play with herself. His eyes burned with the effort to see even more, although she wasn’t more than six feet away.

Soon she eased one hand down across her belly and began to pull at her labia, rolling the thick fleshy folds between her thumb and forefinger, then stretching them as far from her slit as possible. With the other hand, she pulled at her nipples, stretching them far from her chest and pinching them as hard as she could.

A moment later, she slid two fingers into her pussy, past the bushy strip along her slit, and into her wetness. As her thumb thrilled her clit, she drove two long fingers into her twat, until the knuckles of her hand pushed against her pussy opening. He was staring so hard he could see that her fingers were wiggling inside herself. His hand slid up and down his cock, and his free hand pulled at his balls, until his sack was stretched tight.

When she slid the third finger into her vagina, he started stroking his hot cock faster, still trying to make no noise. He could see her juices beginning to gather and lubricate her pussy. Her ass began to rise from the bed as she moved against her hand, her breath quickening. The hand she had been torturing her nipples with fell away from her, and reached into the night stand. The vibrator looked bigger in her hand than it had in the drawer.

He almost moaned at the hum he heard as she turned the cock shaped toy on.

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She slowly rubbed it across her moistening clit and slid it into her open snatch. Her moan almost drew one from him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. This hot woman was fucking herself in front of him! Deeper and deeper she fed the vibrator into her snatch, until she was holding it by two fingers on the very end. She began to plunge it in and out of her belly, groaning and gasping as it hit bottom. Her other hand continued to maul her tits and twist at her nipples, then flash down to strum her clit.

Her face began to redden and her thighs were taut with pleasure. She suddenly rolled over onto her belly, and just as quickly, rose to her all fours, her ass and pussy staring him straight in the eye. His fist squeezed a couple of drops of precum from his cock head and he spread it across his lips with his thumb, never taking his eyes from her snatch and the dildo driving in and out of it. She plunged and tugged and screamed as her climax came closer. His juice tasted thick and sweet and he knew he would shoot a big load when he came.

His pants around his ankles now, his fist flew up and own his cock. He wanted to come so badly, he needed to come so badly! But something wouldn’t let him. He had taken such a risk, such a chance to get to where he was now, Damn it, he meant to fuck this woman, and if she called the law, so be it. He couldn’t stand in this closet and just jack off while that incredibly hot woman, with her pussy and ass aimed straight at him, fucked herself with a plastic cock just five feet away.

Just then she lowered her head to her arms, swinging it from side to side, her hair flying, and began moaning. “Oh, fuck, I’m coming! I’m coming. Oh, fuck me, please fuck me!”

Quietly he opened the closet and moved towards the bed, just as she collapsed in orgasm, her hand still pushing the humming dildo into her snatch. Just as she collapsed, he crawled onto the bed and atop her, prepared to hold her down if need be.

He felt her ass back against him and smelled her sex. She looked over her shoulder as he lay on her, his hand moving to cup her ass, while the other forearm pressed her head down. “It took you long enough,” she said, grinding her ass against his throbbing cock.

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