Aliya and Lilly both had FUN in the concert

Aliya wants to go on a concert, and she asks Lilly’s permission. Lilly shakes her head firmly and says no to her. When Aliya tries to convince Lilly to change her mind, Lilly tells her that she can go to the concert, but only IF Lilly comes along as a chaperone. After the concert, the two had fun, and there is a tender moment as they look at each other.

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Cory and Nadia explores Leah's pussy

It’s Leah’s eighteenth birthday, and her two stepmoms, Cory and Nadia, are preparing a special surprise. It’s revealed that Nadia’s family has a tradition that includes having sex with stepdaughters when they turn 18. The two stepmoms lovingly kiss and  explore her breasts and pussy