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It was a lovely sunny day and my boyfriend and I had decided to go to a local beauty spot for a walk. We wandered around for an hour or so before deciding to go and find a quiet spot somewhere. I was a virgin at the time and up till then we hadn´t gone past the kissing and cuddling point.

After looking for a while we found a nice spot which was sheltered on most sides by bushes. We thought that this was a good place to have some fun together. We laid our jackets on the grass and began kissing. After about 10 minutes his hands began to wander over my breasts. It felt really good, the sun has always made me horny and I was getting very carried away. Soon his hands were inside my bra caressing my nipples, tweaking gently and making them erect. He pushed up my top and pulled down my bra, freeing my breasts for him to suck. We had never gone this far before and it felt so good. He was licking and sucking on my nipples and I could feel my knickers getting wet.

The sun made me feel so horny and daring that I peeled my top of and shrugged out of my bra so that he could have full access to my breasts. It felt so good to feel the sun on my skin in the open air like that. I just lay back and enjoyed myself.

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After a few minutes we heard a noise and realised that there was a middle aged couple walking right by us. Our sheltered spot wasn´t quite as secluded as we had thought. I was laying there topless and he was sucking away at my nipples but they didn´t seem to take any notice of us so we didn´t worry too much and carried on with what we were doing.
Before long his hands were wandering down to my shorts, touching me through them. I was squirming with pleasure which he must have found very encouraging because before I knew it he had unzipped me and had his hand inside my knickers touching my hot little pussy. It felt so good to be touched like that by someone else. He was gently caressing my outer lips with his fingers and I was getting so hot and wet I thought I might burst.

I was starting to loose sense of where I was by then until I heard more voices as another couple and their dog walked right by us. The dog came over and sniffed at us and the woman called him away. I caught a glimpse of her shocked face as she saw me laying there half naked with his hand down my shorts. I felt so daring and sleazy; really turned me on that they had seen me.

I was becoming so desperate for him to touch me some more that I pulled my shorts and knickers down and opened my legs for him. I think he must have thought it was his birthday! He gently eased a finger inside me. That felt so good, I could feel him moving it around inside me, I had never had anything inside me before. Then he began to suck on my nipples again at the same time as fingering me. My body was burning by now; I had never been so turned on. I could take it no more and took his hand and guided it to my clit and showed him how to rub me. I had learned what felt good on my own in my bedroom but it felt so much better to have someone else do that for me. I was arching my back and wriggling around while he pleasured my clit with the sun beating down on my bare skin.

His fingers were moving in gentle circles teasing me towards orgasm. His lips were on my nipples licking and sucking them. I was feeling so good that I could hold back no longer. The wave of my orgasm hit me and carried me off on its crest. My clit throbbed and I could feel my pussy contracting, I had never come like that when I touched myself at home.

As I gradually came back to reality and became aware of my surroundings I noticed that there was a man standing not far away from us. He had his cock out and was rubbing himself furiously. I suddenly realised that I was laying there naked and a strange man was wanking over me. My boyfriend followed my gaze and saw the man. He got up and made to chase him but the man ran away. I quickly dressed and we went home feeling rather awkward with each other about what had happened.

Later that night I lay in my bed thinking about the events of the day and realised that the whole memory was really turning me on. I had not only had my first sexual experience but I had been seen naked in public by strangers and had seen a man wanking himself over me. I had to rub myself several times that night before I could get to sleep and I think that day is the reason I now love to be naked in public and have people watch me.

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Showering Nude Amateur

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