Lovely surprise found in Cali

Bruce Stark

Growing up in the Midwest (yes, corn and cows) there is not much for variety in the ethnic sense on the female front. It’s white, white, a little more white, then another shade of white.

And don’t get me wrong, I love the milky white big titted farmhand as much as the tanned white River rat but there’s something about girls of ethnicities that you are not really used to that can really drive a man wild. And this man, was driven wild once hitting the big city

You see, after high school I trekked out West all on my lonesome to experience something new. Once I hit the coast I knew I was in love. Mountains, deserts, beaches, forests… you name it, California has it

Women? Oh God yes! This argument always seems to go around and around, but in my personal experience (and preference) California has the greatest selection of beautiful women in the country. For crying out loud, you go to Vons for a loaf of bread and Stiffler’s mom is standing in front of you in the checkout line… AND behind you!

Anyway, one of my most pleasant surprises in California was the amount of beautiful Asian women. Seriously. Coming from the Midwest, it just wasn’t something I was real accustomed to and then I found myself swimming in smoking hot Asian girls! And the best thing? A lot of the stereotypes are completely wrong! They are not all flat as boards! Believe it or not, I barely could, there are a whole quantity of curvy Asian women with the most beautiful tits and round asses perfect for smacking.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list offered up by Far East Porn Hub of the Best Asian Porn Sites online where you will find more than one beautiful Asian booty to “smack!”

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