When Tinder just isn’t cutting it

Bruce Stark

You might remember the tale of my buddy Scotty “getting action” for the first time… Well, a quick refresher. It wasn’t “action” in the sense of getting his peepee played with by a cute member of the opposite sex. No, it was Scotty playing with his peepee while his friend Selena played with her hoohoo. Hey whatever, he had some fun and that’s all that matters

Anyway that little story got me kind of… It’s almost embarrassing to admit this, but just thinking about Selena playing with her hoohoo made me want to watch other cute girls play with their hoohoo’s too!

You know it’s 2023 and all, and with Tinder and Bumble and the million other apps out there, I suppose I could have done a little swiping and found myself a little plaything. Or with all the damn cam sites in the world like Chaturbate and Live Jasmine it’s not exactly difficult to find a cute girl that wants to play with her hoohoo

But you know what the problem with Tinder and Bumble and Chaturbate and Live Jasmine is? They make you work!

You need to pull up the app, do some searching, do some swiping, do some credit card swiping, do some chatting

I mean sometimes I just want to sit back and enjoy, you know what I mean?

So instead of laboring through that madness (though to be honest I’m sure I’ll do it tomorrow night LOL) I decided to do a little searching with my friend Google, and guess what I found? MasturbateOnline videos!

A beautiful collection of WebCam snippets of the cutest cam girls pleasuring their pretty pink pussies and all I needed to do was sit back and enjoy.

So if you are looking for that kind of labor free personal pleasure, click here to check out more MasturbateOnline videos

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