Twitch gamer Pokimane finally leaked?

Bruce Stark

Now I wouldn’t quite consider myself a gamer, but I do love flipping on the Xbox for some Forza action and even the Switch for any good ol’ Mario adventure. I can’t say I’m huge on the Twitch scene, I think I flipped it on once to see if there was any Mario Kart action (there wasn’t, much to my surprise!) But I am “in the know” enough, to know that there are some pretty cute girls rocking the gaming world

Hell, I’ve heard even Adriana Chechik and Lauren Phillips are big gamer girls and you can catch them online from time to time

Anyhow, knowing that there are some cuties showing off their wares while smashing brains on CoD, I’m also aware of the seemingly never-ending rumors of Pokimane giving head and/or getting plowed

Real? Fake? I have no idea, and honestly I just don’t care enough to go figure it out when There are Twitch deepfake porn videos Out there in the wild. Is that mean? LOL, probably. But just click on the picture below of this cutie and you’ll see exactly why it doesn’t matter to me!

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