When deep fake meets TikTok

Bruce Stark

Let’s be brutally honest

Most bloggers are 100% full of shit, and I’ll tell you why

Every new latest bit of news, every hot trend, every piece of juicy gossip, suddenly every blogger in the world is an expert and “knew from the beginning how hot this would be!”

I’m going to be straight with you. I am way too busy to give a fuck about the latest Jenner shenanigans or the crazy TikTok star that glued their asshole shut. I just don’t care!

So when I tell you the following, you know I’m telling the truth because what’s the point in lying at this point? I already told you I don’t follow trends LOL

I know that TikTok has been the hot topic for a while now. From states trying to outlaw the app due to privacy concerns, to idiotic 13-year-olds putting things in their mouth that absolutely should not go in their mouth, to the drama seeking 19-year-old (otherwise smoking hot) blonde crying for attention at every opportunity. I also know that TikTok is supposedly packed with the hottest of the hot girls on earth that any guy with a working dick would love just 5 minutes with

But of course, TikTok doesn’t allow adult content. Or that’s until “deep fake” met the Internet

Now I don’t know who all of these TikTok girls are “yet,” but at the site listed below you’ll find TikTok deepfake porn videos of every fully clothed app cutie you’ve ever dreamed of

Join me in all the fun at Deep Fake Porn.

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