Toe-curling stress relief with Kendra Lynn

Bruce Stark

After a long day at work, Kendra Lynn knows that there’s nothing better than some foot worship to melt away all the stress. She looks forward to this moment every day – when her black boyfriend, who is also her submissive, returns from the office and she can offer him her sexy tootsies as his reward.

As he lies at the foot of the bed, her feet in his face, she says to him in a sultry voice, “How was your day at work? It looks like it was pretty rough.” She watches as his gaze travels down her body. “You like those high heels? I wore them just for you,” she purrs, enjoying how he becomes putty in her hands.

She extends one of her feet towards him, wiggling her toes in anticipation. “Just take them right off of me,” she commands with a teasing smile. As he removes her shoes, she sighs in relief as the pressure on her feet lessens. They had looked so good with her outfit but oh, did they hurt after a full day of walking around the office.

“Do you want to kiss all over that foot?” Kendra asks as he begins massaging her sore arches. She moans softly as he presses his lips against the sensitive skin. “I’m sure this will make you feel better,” she adds with a playful wink.

She can tell he’s getting turned on by their little ritual and she loves it. The power and control that comes with being worshipped like this is an incredible rush for her. She moves her other foot closer to his face, gently tapping his cheek with her toe. “Look at those beautiful soles!” she exclaims, proud of how well-maintained and pampered they are.

He gently massages her feet, working out all the knots and tension from standing in heels all day. She closes her eyes and lets out a contented sigh, enjoying the sensation of his strong hands on her delicate feet. He then moves on to kissing and licking each toe, making sure to give equal attention to both feet.

Kendra watches him worship her feet with such devotion and adoration. It’s such a turn on for her to have someone at her feet like this, completely under her control. She watches as he caresses her legs with his hands before taking each foot in his mouth, sucking and licking every inch of them.

As their session comes to an end, Kendra feels completely relaxed and rejuvenated. She knows that both of their days may have been long and stressful, but with her loving and obedient submissive at her feet, all of that melts away for them both. Perhaps now it’s time to take things to the next level with some deeper sexual satisfaction…

This was just a glimpse into Kendra’s world of foot worship and domination, but there’s so much more for you to enjoy. Join Bratty Foot Dom for even more of the same with a bevy of hot foot fetish babes just like her! Experience the thrill of being at the mercy of these powerful women and let them take you on a journey of pleasure and submission. All courtesy of Ash Beckett Films – where your foot fetish fantasies come to life.

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