My California dreams ruined!

Bruce Stark

Many, many moons ago, in my former life living in San Diego (God I miss that place) I met a particular girl that always struck my fancy.

Now there’s something you need to understand about San Diego, and probably southern California in general (at least back then.) What you see on TV and movies is pretty damn true. The girls are absolute knockouts. Everywhere you look.

Hitting the 7/11 for a energy bar? Knockout right behind you.

At the gas station filling up? Dropdead gorgeous blonde across the pump from you.

Sitting on a park bench in the middle of Balboa Park? Yep, total smoking hottie walking past you every 3 seconds.

You can cry “plastic surgery” all you want, but the fact of the matter is, these girls are fucking HOT.

K back to my fancy striking girl. The thing about this cutie was she wasn’t necessarily smoking hot, like the other girls, but there was something different about her that just got me every damn time.

She had a slightly crooked smile, but every time it lit up it made my parts single. The perfect cute little boobies, that I unfortunately never got to squeeze. And a small little booty that I could not stop thinking about.

But here’s the kicker. In the land of California Dreams, it wasn’t a busty blonde or tanned brunette that had my balls tightened. It was a Filipina!

It drives me crazy that I did not have skills then that I do now to swoop this hottie, but when I do feel the urge to jerk to a similar Filipina cutie a great stomping ground that I found is Pinay Sex Scandal. Check it out for thousands of amateur Filipina cuties on cam that you won’t be able to pull away from.

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