When VR dragons just aren’t enough

Bruce Stark

Lately I have really been getting into Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Yes, yes, I know they might be “yesterday’s news” but let’s be frank, they are both totally bad ass games and I just love playing them

The crafting, the fighting, the level ups, the companions that help you along the way, the monsters and of course the… Dragons!

I’m not a total Dragon nut but between Game of Thrones and Skyrim, I would certainly have to tip my hat to the dragons when it comes to fun factor

So anyway one day I’m playing Skyrim and getting ready to go bow to flame against my new Dragon friend, and my buddy (who is a HUGE) gamer stops by. He sits down on the couch just as I let go of my death arrow and what comes out of his mouth?

“Hey did you know you can play Skyrim on VR?”


To my disappointment, Skyrim VR is not on the Xbox! but someday I just may grab a PlayStation to get in on this action

But it got me thinking. VR, video games… porn? What about… VR Porn Games?

Well you know me and my best pal Google, we did a quick little search and found the Best VR Porn Game Sites !

I’m not going to leave you any spoilers, I just want to say that if you love naked girls bouncing on your cock and one is not doing so as you read this, you just might want to click here for the Best VR Porn Game Sites

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