How to chat with women like a pro

Bruce Stark

You’ve read me writing about this before so it should come as absolutely no surprise to you that I LOVE women. I’m guessing you do, too. But unlike a lot of guys, I actually like talking to them! And of course other things…

But what I’ve learned over the years, is not every guy has had the same opportunity to get experience chatting with women. And guess what? When you have no experience chatting with women, you tend to be terrible at it! Usually awkward, embarrassed, no clue what to say, no idea how to have fun

And with the great invention of the Internet, comes also a great solution to shy guys gaining experience points in the “Chatting with Women” skill (no, it’s not in Skyrim)

So there are dozens and dozens of sites, well, probably even hundreds and thousands of sites, where pretty women are waiting to chat with you and then do naughty, very naughty things. Often whatever you even want. But in this case, since we are talking about chatting, maybe you just want to chat? Okay you can get your rocks off after that.

I recently found this great Free Live Sex Cams site called Lemon Cams. It’s what they call an “aggregator.” All the best cam girls, from all the best cam sites are on it so you can pick and choose your favorites and talk to whoever. If you heard of Chaturbate, Live Jasmin, Stripchat or Cam4 you’ll be very very happy because those girls are right here, all at Lemon Cams.

So go ahead, test out your chatting skills and create an account at this Free Live Sex Cams site. You’ll be a pro “chatter” in no time.

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