Damsel in distress, not so much

Bruce Stark

You may not have guessed it (or if you can actually read it’s kind of a no-brainer) but I really like comics

I’m not the Sheldon Cooper kind of comic nerd, but I’ve got my favorites. Yes, Bruce Wayne. Yes, Tony Stark.

And as much as I love the Nolan Trilogy (Batman Begins #1), there’s something about Suicide Squad that grabs me every time

It’s not the movie. It’s not the directing. It’s not the acting. It’s not the music, though the soundtrack was pretty good…

It’s Harley Quinn! I know she’s the bad girl and I tend to like the good guys (caped crusader, and all) but how could I possibly be expected not to stare like a dumb fucking idiot throughout the whole movie at Margot Robbie prancing around the screen like a psycho, wearing just the sexiest of sexy outfit?

I can’t! It’s just too much! And I am a comic loving hornball after all (established above)

And though I highly doubt we will ever find the dropdead sexy Margot getting fucked by a 10 inch rager (though who knows with those deep fakes going around), if you know where to look you absolutely will find incredibly smoking hot cosplay porn videos online featuring every woman you’ve ever fantasized about

We’ve already established that I’m not into nuns, but I do LOVE all the other fantasy girl in action. From Jasmine to Leia, from Harley to Velma, if cosplay is your kink, check out this link

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