Just another naughty church tale…

Bruce Stark

Most people don’t know about this juicy morsel of my life

And I suppose if a lot of my friends found out, and knew that I was writing here on Adult List, and knew what a pussy hound I was

They would actually say “that makes perfect sense!”

What is the secret tidbit you ask?

Well, you’ve probably guessed it by now. Or are painstakingly close

But I grew up religious! Or so my family thought anyway, LOL. Catholic to be exact

Private school with the collared uniforms and knockoff Dickies style pants. Navy, gray or black

It wasn’t my whole life though, and that was only a few years, so I honestly don’t remember THAT much

But every time I come across “nun porn” I have to let out a good belly laugh because I do not recall one nun, EVER, that I wanted to see wearing anything less than her full habit. Maybe your mileage varies? If so, I suppose you were lucky!

Even with that said, there’s always something special about the “uniform fetish.” For me, I dig any girl in uniform really. Nurse, police woman, UPS worker… You name it and I love to run my imagination!

Which leads us to today’s “Holy Grail of Porn”… Religious Porn Videos!

Trust me, when I got on AOL for the first time I never in my life thought this would be a search I would welcome. Old ladies in full on habits… maybe, getting the dirty dick from Father Francis?

But alas, the curator of this site has spared us 80-year-old unshaven snatch and MOST of these videos have the nun cosplay going on. And let me tell you, some of them are smokin’ hot!

So if you’re feeling a little guilty… I mean come on, you are on Adult List looking for some naughty time… you should take a look at the religious porn videos in this link. I highly doubt you’ll be forgiven for your sins, but at least you’ll have a little fun, LOL.

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