Was I talking to a bot?

Bruce Stark

“Send me a pic! Send me a pic!”

It always makes me laugh thinking about how thirsty we used to be afterschool chatting “girls” up on AOL

Of course this was millions of years ago, LOL. Now that I’m wiser, I’m 99% positive they were all bots trying to pitch me on crappy porn sites in the 90s

Anyway what we would do is go into these chat rooms that anyone could go to, though there was a limited amount. There was almost always one, sometimes even two, people masquerading around as 19-year-old females

And of course they had sexy screen names, their profiles usually said they were strippers, and you could send them a message and talk more

Yeah, right! LOL

I’ll admit, my friends and I believe them. Hey, we were horny 13-year-olds looking for big beautiful tits. Don’t blame us for nature taking its course

Now we flash forward to the year 2022, almost 2023, and the endless supply of porn is just unreal. Unreal!

Cam girls, that actually talk back, have replaced the hilarity listed above. And those requests for “sexy pics”? Yeah, now we have sites dedicated to porn gifs featuring the hottest starlets with cocks down their throats

Amazing what a difference a couple decades can make!

Anyway, click the image below for more of those cool porn gifs that I mentioned above. So much better than talking to a bot!

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