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Many sites were created for people to chat and text each other, and then they devolved into nothing but sexting. And while they all saw this as a loss, one platform saw it as a huge potential. See, while other apps were moping and throwing a fit because their users weren’t being quote unquote ‘safe for work’, Arousr was over here making the right steps in the direction that everyone was hoping a texting app would go. They embraced the sexting and they launched as a site that’s made just for that.

Real Hot Girls

And instead of getting hitched to a bot as you do on other platforms, it makes sure that their babes are 100% real, authentic, and genuine. How do they do this? Well, let’s just say that they give these babes a little bit of an incentive so that they come to the website and stay for good. If you’re a hot girl and you don’t really have any other skills except being hot, then you can expect that this space will welcome you with open arms. And if you’re a guy, then this is nothing but good news for you.

Adult Sexting Site

See, if there are so many sexy babes on here to choose from, that means that there are always free host chats that you can join. These chats are the sexting paradise you have been yearning for all this time. No more bots, no more hours wasted on looking for a willing chick to sext with only to find out that they’re a disgusting fat middle-aged man pretending to be a chick. No, no more of any of that. It’s finally time to enter a new era of adult sexting, and this is happening right now with the Arousr.

Amateur Videos

There are many ways you could see this site as “advanced”. Not only does it provide the best service in terms of all the hot chicks you can sext, but it’s also a paradise for people who are concerned about having a good user interface. They took their UI very seriously when designing the website, and that’s why it’s all at your fingertips when you load the page for the very first time. You can see where the babes are, where you register, where the photos are, and yes, even amateur videos are included here.

Get Her Full Nude

Is that not enough for you? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that you can take things even further with these babes. If you want to be even more interactive than just sexting these hot honeys, then there are ways that you can enhance your experience, so to speak. For example, you could use the phone sex option if the babe offers it. Sure, it might come at a higher rate, but it also results in a much better wanking session. Or you can go all the way in and just enjoy some video sex chat. Depending on the girl, you might even get to see her completely nude while you two are having fun.

Arousr Is the Solace

At the end of the day, it just seems like a perfect model to take sexting into a whole new era. Instead of getting annoyed by random bots and getting catfished all the time, you get to talk to real girls in real-time. You can get as down and dirty as you want with them, and it’s only a matter of time before you start scoring with some of them too. Everyone is incentivized to join because everyone has something to gain, so check out Arousr right now!

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