Dating a cam girl, yay or nay?

Bruce Stark

Although I’m no Leonardo DiCaprio, I do like to think of myself as a “Ladies Bruce”

I’m pretty good around town and meet lots of cuties while I’m out and about. But I’m not going to lie, these cam girls are so, so damn tempting

I personally have never dated a camgirl I do have a few friends that have had a few camgirl “encounters.” Like any dates or bangs or whatever the hell you want to call it these days, it can go either way

My buddy Marco was telling me a story once about a girl that he met on LiveJasmin. On LJ she was smoking hot, funny, sweet, everything you could ever want in a dream girl. But when they met for a drink it was like he was talking to a totally different person. She turned out to be quite the actress!

On the other hand my boy Rick met a girl once at a club, that just happened to be a Chaturbate cammer, and he said that not only did she have a banging body but she fucked like a porn star and then even asked for more!

Anyway, your mileage may vary but hey, why not chat up one of these cuties and see if you can get a date with camgirls. You never know, she might be your next ex-wife!

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