It’s not all about sex…

Bruce Stark

Okay, okay, so maybe I lied, it IS always about sex! But sometimes you find it in the strangest places…

As of late, I’ve been on my Hentai porn quest and I have to admit, I’m having way more fun than I ever expected. Tinder and the like is where I usually get my rocks off (and get them off well) but I find there is nothing wrong with having a little “alone time” too, am I right? And with animated big titty blondes doing the unthinkable, which is oh so common in Hentai, I’ve had no choice but to dive deep into the bowels of the Internet and see what naughty fun I could find.

We have already discussed my Hentai dating adventure. But when I discovered “Hentai adventure Games” was a whole thing on its own, full of busty broad’s getting plowed by plane captains and the like, I could not believe my eyes! Click, click and some more clicking and I found a treasure trove that I never would have imagined existed.

So much that it would have taken me hours, no, probably days to go over all of the sites and archives and magazines and you name it. But I did find this great site to take away all of the guesswork and show me exactly where the “good stuff” is.

For your shortcut to finding the best Hentai Games for android, check out this review.

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