What Kobe Bryant taught me about women

Bruce Stark

Do you remember the first time you ever talked to a girl?

And no, I’m not talking about your mom or your aunt or your grandma

And of course not your sister!

But a real live beautiful specimen of the opposite sex. With actual intent. Trying to carry on a conversation

Maybe even get in her pants?!

I was a late bloomer myself. And I’m sure in my high school years I made some attempts, but I know for a fact they were not very successful, LOL

It wasn’t until my late teens, you know the beginning of college years, where I really had an opportunity to meet incredibly gorgeous girls and say hello. And sometimes even more than hello

The problem with that was I never had a fuckin clue what to say! I didn’t have enough experience or practice or positive cues in my life leading up to that point where my body knew that it was a good thing to talk with the girls and my mind had the actual right words to spit out that didn’t make me sound like a total Jack ass

I see you nodding your head so you must know what I’m talking about LOL (okay I can’t really see you, but I know you’re doing it)

So what’s the point of my little story of never really talking to girls until I was 18 and having no clue what to say or how to act?

My point is if I had even just a little bit of practice, I know my success rate would have been through the roof. Its said that Kobe would shoot 2000 baskets a day. Baskets! not shots! Kobe understood the necessity of practice and Kobe reaped the rewards

The question is, how do you get practice talking with beautiful women so that you can make your 2000 shots too and reap those oh so plentiful rewards?

It’s going to sound crazy, but hear me out

There are thousands and thousands and thousands of beautiful women online at any given time just waiting to talk to dudes just like you. Yes, I’m talking about cam girls!

Now don’t be delusional and think they will fall in love with you. I mean it could happen, but probably not. What you will get instead is practice talking with beautiful girls. And they will even talk back!

There’s lots of different WebCam sites where you can do this, but here’s a great list of the best live sex siteshttps://fuckableteens.net/top-teen-cam-porn-sites to check out and find some beauties to get your practice in on

Kobe wouldn’t be considered one of the greatest basketball players ever, if he didn’t practice. So get your practice in

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