What happens in Vegas (you know the rest)

Bruce Stark

The first time I went to a strip club had to be way back in 2003. Wow, 20 years ago!

I was horny, inexperienced and had a deep dying love for the boobies. Yes. I am a boob man (though I’d never say no to an apple shaped bottom!)

It was at a work convention out of town, in Las Vegas actually. Everyone was ready to have a good time and I mean come on, we were in Las Vegas

Just walking around you would get a boner with all of the girls dressed to the nines

High heels, short dresses, tits hanging out for all to see and boy did those girls love to tease. They were pros

Anyway, one night after dinner we all decide to hit a strip club. I’m stoked. Never been before. Tits in my face? Yes please!

We get to the club and I’m not going to make up some bull shit story about what happened because I honestly don’t remember, it was 20 years ago!

but what I am quite confident in, is the fact that those girls knew exactly how to get the proper attention from Everyman in the place

Just like this dropdead gorgeous bombshell in her VIP show Livejasmin. Go ahead and click the link on the left and watch this showstopper slowly strip out of her golden dress and tease with those big titties

Don’t forget to give her a tip. That means a little cash, not the other kind ūüėČ

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