A long ways from Carmen Electra nude…

Bruce Stark

It’s absolutely insane what you can find on the Internet today compared to when I was a wee lad

When the Internet first started gaining momentum and becoming a “thing” I was just in junior high. Only the rich kids had the Internet, the rest of us sat around fantasizing about it at lunch

I remember when one of my buddies finally got his first AOL account. My first thought was: let’s find Carmen Electra nude! At the time, I thought she was the hottest thing since nacho cheese.

Today a quick search for “Carmen Electra nude” or any other celebrity for that matter will give you instant results showing the sexiest pictures of the goddesses that we watch on TV and at the theater. But back then, it wasn’t like that. If, and it’s a big if, the actress had nude photos anywhere it would only be available on the Playboy website

But guess what? This was before free porn! If you wanted anything decent, you had to PAY and you had to pay BIG.

Funny how times have changed so much. A quick search for the above will give you exactly what you want, the hottest pictures of Carmen Electra over the last what, 30 years? Swap Carmen for Kim or Jenny or whoever is on your mind and your eyes will be delighted

Though of course now we get to take it a step further. The infamous PornHub and Brazzers changed the game

Bringing us so much free porn, but not only free, it’s good! The hottest porn stars in the world getting there faces blasted with sticky cum. For FREE!

My good friends over at Fuckable Teens noticed just how good this free porn from Brazzers that they put together a Pornstars Cumshot Compilation. Click the link to the left to check it out for yourself.

Quite a bit different then 20 years ago!

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