Touched for the very first time

Bruce Stark

There is one single moment in history that every man on earth remembers, but the catch is, it’s a different moment in history for every single one of those men

And what is that special moment that I speak of?

The first time you’ve been touched by a woman!

Growing up your curiosity led you to look at beautiful women, their long slender legs, their apple shaped bottoms, and there delicious bountiful breasts. As you aged, your hormones kicked in and you started to feel a little tickle in your pants every time Jenny smiled at you. Time passes and the suave few get their first shot at a kiss, while you might have needed to wait your turn

Eventually under the perfect circumstances, on the perfect day, with the perfect girl, you got your wish…

As she slowly slid closer to you on the couch, your heart began to race, your cock began to throb, and she could see your cheeks turning slightly red

She was no slouch. She knew exactly what you wanted. She knew exactly how to give it. But she wanted to tease just a little bit

Brushing up against you she kissed your cheek ever so slightly, then your lips, then slowly slid her hand up and down your thigh

After a few minutes, she slowly brought her sweet hand to your zipper and gently grabbed the flab of metal to pull it down, unleashing your now rock hard cock into her soft hand

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