When my buddy Scotty gets all grown up

Bruce Stark

There’s this friend that I grew up with who wasn’t necessarily the coolest guy in the group, but one of those guys that you just always enjoyed having around for whatever reason

You know what I mean? Almost like the little brother that wanted to keep up and be cool, and you kind of felt sorry for him but at the same time knew that someday he would hit his stride and you wanted to be part of that

I won’t say his name (Scotty) just in case he sees this… oops

But I will tell you about the first time Scotty had a “sex story” to share with us

Believe it or not it was actually after graduation. Yes, graduation. We were out of high school, the rest of us guys had had plenty of fun already, but Scotty was still trying to figure out the ropes

Hey that’s okay, nothing wrong with a late bloomer. Stop shaming Scotty!

We were all supposed to hang out a bit before heading to a baseball game and we were waiting for Scotty. Scotty was late, which is not like Scotty. He’s always on time. In fact he’s so anal about being on time that somebody usually whacks him in the shoulder for nagging about it

But here we are ready for the baseball game and Scotty is late. This was before cell phones so we had no way to get Scotty a buzz

He finally shows up. We are annoyed honestly because we wanted to get to the game. And here Scotty is with this big shit eatin grin on his face

Remember, Scotty hates being late. WTF is he grinning about?

It didn’t take long for him to spit out, and brag, “I finally got some action!”

None of us believed it, because even though he was like our little brother, he wasn’t exactly the Casanova type. Even though this late in the game. Of course we all laughed and said “yeah right” and started heading out the door

As we are all walking towards the car, Scotty shouts “no, wait! Guys!”

We stopped. Annoyed more than anything, we wanted to get to the game. And Scotty says…

“It was Selena. I went over to her house to help her with the project. I got some action”

And in disbelief we all said “Uh what exactly”

“She said we could Masturbate2Gether

So there you have it folks. Scotty’s big break. He got to masturbate with Selena. I mean hey I know he enjoyed it, so why not. I wonder what he’s up to these days?

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