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It was last August, warm and muggy…not muggy like the south, but muggy like LA, the kind of cloying moisture that comes from too many people, too many cars, being too close to the ocean. Carolina Sweets’s apartment was just plain hot. The sun slid through the windows like honey and onto the floor where we lay sprawled, painting our toes and talking about our plans for this evening. Two hangers draped in black swung listlessly on the doorjamb, our outfits drying in the soaking afternoon heat.

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Her spiky red hair glowed in the light from the window, and she kept sweeping an unruly strand from her eyes as she worked. She talked endlessly about her black stud Jax Slayher and his latest project, where they had been, and who they had seen. I slouched back against the bed stretching my legs long, wiggling my toes and watching the wet red polish glitter in its puddle of sunshine. Coils of smoke curled from her lips and wound themselves around her head as she talked on and on, but my mind wandered, and her voice faded into a dull throb, mingling with the sigh of the traffic outside. I was thinking about Maximus Malone. My very own well hung and brilliant black guy.

Maximus Malone, towering over me, Maximus Malone with his large coarse hands on my shoulders pressing me down, Maximus Malone with the leather scent and undeniable eyes. I closed my eyes and allowed my head to fall back on the bed. Maximus Malone.

The plan was to meet them outside the club, a dingy rubber club on the West Side, at 11:00, drinks and dancing, then…whatever. Evenings with Carolina Sweets always end with ‘whatever’. Sometimes it’s cocktails on the tailgate of a rusted pick-up at the top of Topanga Canyon, sometimes it’s breakfast in a strange house in Bel Air, you just never know.
The bricks against my back were still warm from the day’s sunshine, even at 11:00, and they pulsed with the waves of bass that splashed up against them on their opposite side. I dropped my cigarette and ground it out beneath my heel, using the side of my thumb to smooth the line of lipstick along my lower lip. The purple neon strip that surrounded the sign reflected off my boots and hot pants, refracting into millions of tiny sparks from the glittery halter-top that hung around my upper body. I turned glancing down the row of traffic that crawled like a funeral parade down the boulevard. Suddenly warm, heavy hands fell on my shoulders, and before I could turn or say a word strong arms lifted me and threw me over a burly shoulder, and I was being carried down the long line of waiting club-dollies, past the doorman, and inside.

Immediately we were assaulted with a wall of heat, light, and sound. Maximus Malone plunked me on the ground inside, wrapping his arms around my waist and bending to nuzzle my neck, yelling over the music. “Hey girl, long time no see. I’m glad you could come up and play tonight.”

I kissed him on the cheek, feeling somehow shy and awkward, but thrilled at the glow in his eyes. I stood there, blinking up at him, and before I could open my mouth, I was being pulled onto the dance floor. Jax Slayher called out something I couldn’t hear and raised his hand to his lips in a drinking motion. “VODKA!” we shrieked in unison, then laughing, dissolved into the pool of writhing bodies and shadows.

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Dancing with Carolina Sweets always gets me hot. We have this way of moving together, it’s all hips and hands, we slip in and out of each other’s arms, coiling around one another like snakes. People watch. MEN watch. I love the feeling of their eyes as they stray from their own dance partners and slide over our bodies like soap, the feeling of my hands on her ass, her hands coiling around my long braid and pulling my head back. I like that they think we are dancing for them…but it’s not about them. We might look to them, our eyes flashing, a tongue slipping out to slide over pouty red lips…but we aren’t flirting with them. They are only foils to build the burn in one another.

After almost an hour I signaled to her that I needed to go and have a drink. I slipped my hand into hers and together we wove our way across the dance floor towards the dim back room. The lights here are red, and the bar sags against one wall. TV screens flicker, clips of porno or fetish films send shimmering blue light and purple shadows on the walls. A line of people pressed against the wall opposite the bar and around the corner. Some were waiting for the restrooms, but most were waiting to get in to see the show. Carolina Sweets moved right past them, ignoring the predatory stares from those who have been waiting, and signaled to the man at the door. The two exchange words and she kissed him on the cheek, leaving a small red stain. He grinned down at her, opening the door to usher us inside.

The door swung closed behind us sealing out the noise and heat. It was surprisingly quiet, the walls and ceiling were door, and waved us through. The light from the stage skimmed over the heads of the small crowd that was lounging in deep padded chairs, and cut shadows over Carolina Sweets’s face. I could see she was smiling. She leaned over and kissed my cheek, then led me down the aisle to where Maximus Malone and Jax Slayher were sitting with our drinks.

Carolina Sweets inched past Maximus Malone and plopped onto Jax Slayher’s lap. I started to slip past as well, to move towards the empty seat at the end of the row, but Maximus Malone pulled me back onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me pressing me to his chest.

“You will be with me tonight.” He was smiling…and there was that glint in his eyes again, but his voice was hard, and, even if I had wanted to (which I didn’t), I wouldn’t have been able to refuse.

I leaned back against him, and sipped my drink, the vodka and tonic had been diluted with melted ice, and was cool and antiseptic tasting as it slid down my throat. The sweat began to dry, cooling my skin and I curled into the crook of Maximus Malone’s arm, feeling warm. I could feel the lump of his penis, semi-erect against my thigh, and the light from the stage highlighted his cheekbones and the line of his nose. I turned to watch them too, tuning in for the first time, to the soft music and the dull crack of leather against skin.

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A young woman had been bound to a chair. She knelt with her elbows resting on its back and a long bit of elastic cloth had been bound around her eyes, blindfolding her, then hooked to the spike of her long patent leather heel, forcing to arch cruelly back. Her long brown hair fell over her shoulders and twitched above her round olive-skinned bottom. Her handler had been working at her for some time it seemed, as her full breasts were wrapped and silver clips dangled from her nipples, and small drizzles of wax ran down her belly. A thin sheen of sweat glittered along the line of her neck, and the fronts of her thighs. He was using a flail on her now, standing back from the stage and swinging long strands of leather that thwacked against her pinkening bottom. Her lips were parted and gasping, and she swayed on the chair, squirming away from the punishing blows.

Maximus Malone’s hand was warm on my thigh. His thumb traced lazy proprietary circles, and his eyes never strayed from the stage. I glanced over to Carolina Sweets, who was sitting up on Jax Slayher’s lap, eyes riveted on the girl, her own lips had fallen open, and I cold see her nipples, hard and rising up and down with her shallow rapid breathing, through the thin fabric of her top. I remember the dull ache that began in my belly and the way my palms started to sweat. I felt warm breath on my neck. Maximus Malone’s voice low and rumbling in my ear.

“Kiss her.” It was not a suggestion; it was a command.

I reached over and ran my fingers lightly along her inner arm to get her attention. When she turned to me, I leaned over and cupped her chin in my hand, pressing my lips against hers, sucking gently on her lower lip. She gasped against my mouth and pressed harder against me, her hand gripping my arm. I opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to slip over hers, flicking along the roof of her mouth. I leaned back on Maximus Malone’s chest, pulling her with me, her hand slipped up under my loose top, fingers pulling away the still sweat-dampened material of my bra to get at my nipple. It was my turn to gasp as she rolled the hard nub gently between her fingers. I arched my back up to her, my shoulders pressing against Maximus Malone’s arm as we panted and kissed and stroked one another. I parted her legs with my knee and pressed my thigh up beneath her skirt, her panties were already moist and I could feet her clit, tiny and hard against my leg.

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Jax Slayher was watching us intently, his fingers gently stroking Carolina Sweets’s calf. I noticed too as I glanced up that others had turned from the show, and were discretely peering over their seats. I felt a jolt in my belly, and my own clit rise and stiffen…Maximus Malone was hard beneath my back. He bent down and whispered in my ear, “Take her out into the hall.” I pushed her away from me, and heard her whimper softly beneath her breath. I sat up smoothing my hair and tugging my top down, then reached and slipped my hand beneath the leather collar around her neck and slid from Maximus Malone’s lap, leading her none too gently down the aisle and back out into the hall. Once there, I pressed her against the wall and buried my face in her neck, feeling her whimpers wash over me and raise gooseflesh along my arms. I sucked her salty neck, and worked my hands up under her shirt pressing my breasts against hers, pinning her with my thigh again between her legs. She sagged onto my thigh, riding…grinding there, working her hips, and I could feel her slick and wet through her silk panties.

I was dimly aware of the door swinging open, and then of a hand in my hair pulling me back. I yelped, and gasped, knowing it was Maximus Malone. He bent and bit my neck hard, his hand running down my stomach into my shorts, one thick finger parting my lips and sliding slickly inside. I arched back against him, panting, teeth set, my whole body singing. Carolina Sweets leaned over and kissed my gaping mouth. I saw Jax Slayher’s hand snake around her chest pressing her against me, his hand squeezed my nipple as he sucked on her ear. “Move over there…to the chair.”

Our knot broke apart, and Carolina Sweets and I wobbled towards the chair, and Maximus Malone caught my hand pulling me back for a moment. He cupped my face and kissed me roughly on the mouth. “You fuck her, Sam…fuck her like you want me to fuck you. If you’re a good girl…I just might give you what you want.” He spun me rapidly and landed a stinging slap across my ass that sent me stumbling. I glanced back at him and saw the heat in his face, and instantly an image flashed in my mind….my body stretched over his table, squirming, shuddering, and begging.

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I reached for Carolina Sweets, and pulled her into my arms, kissing her, the taste of Maximus Malone still in my mouth. I pushed her roughly down onto the soft chair, and she sat, knees cocked in against one another, looking coyly up at me, her chin resting in one hand. I knelt in front of her, running my hands lightly up along her thighs, fingers disappearing beneath her skirt, feathering her skin, surging slowly up towards that hot, wet spot. She squirmed a little, lifting her hips to meet my fingers, but I withdrew them, a smile spreading now on my lips. Gently I teased her through her panties, stroking her lips and tickling her clit, toying with the bit of elastic, threatening to slip beneath. She whimpered again and I bent to kiss her knee, licking a small swirl on the inside of her thigh. I continued to tease her, brushing and stroking with a slow gentle rhythm. With my other hand I swept over her belly and under her shirt again, brushing her hard little nipples beneath my palm, pushing her breasts from side to side, scratching with my nails. Her eyes had closed, and a frown spread across her forehead.

Maximus Malone’s words echoed in my head, “Fuck her like you want me to fuck you-“

I withdrew my hands completely from her and sat back on my heels. She made a small, frustrated sound and opened her eyes. I noticed that several men had come out of the show and were standing against the far wall in the hallway…I felt the familiar twinge between my legs when I knew I was being watched and shivered.

I leaned forward and gently pressed Carolina Sweets’s knees apart, dipping my head I ran my tongue in long lazy loops down the inside of her thigh. My nose slowly pressed the hem of her short skirt up…up…and the scent of her, musky and hot, came stronger with every breath. I could feel her breath coming in small expectant spasms, her thighs rigid beneath my hands. I nuzzled into her cunt slowly, gently, my breath hot on her lips, the tip of my nose pressing against her clit. She whined, pressing her hips up…but I held her down firmly, willing myself to go slow. I allowed my tongue to slither beneath the band of elastic on her panties and tasted her, she arched back in the chair as I parted the searing folds of flesh, lapping with agonizing slowness up towards the cleft at the top of her sex.

I paused for a moment and lifted her hips with my hands, tugging her panties roughly over her hips and away. She slid down in the chair, and I cradled her ass in my hands lifting her to my mouth. I held her away from me and extended my tongue, I wanted her to see me. I flicked her clit with my tongue and watched the tremor race up her body. I flicked it again, pausing to see its effect…the rosy patches developing on her chest, the hungry glare in her eyes as she stared down at me. Within the confining PVC hot pants, my own cunt panted, throbbing open and closed hungrily. Unable to hold myself back I descended on her, kissing her lips as though they were a mouth, my tongue fluttering and flicking her clit. She began to moan and toss her head, and from behind me I heard the small grunt of a man, and shifting feet. I sucked her clit hard, and pulled at it with my teeth. I began to stroke her lips with my finger again as I sucked her teasingly around her opening, brushing over her tight asshole.

She began to mumble beneath her breath…and I knew what she was saying, but I wanted everyone to hear it…all of the men who had gathered to watch us. She cried out in frustration, “Come ON….FUCK me!”

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I smiled against her clit, and immediately plunged two fingers deep into her body and began working them rapidly in and out, angling them up the way she liked, her hips bucking against my mouth and my hand. I could feel her pussy tightening down on my fingers, sucking them almost as she rocked, her scent filled the hallway, she gritted her teeth, bearing down, working herself, fucking herself on my hand. I could tell she was about to come. I stopped. I held her down with my left hand, and kept the right motionless inside. She cried out again, wordlessly. I held my fingers, still buried deep inside, slowly, gently I began to press the tips of my fingers up against the rough patch on the roof of her pussy. Slowly steadily, my eyes locked on her face, I fingered that spot, drinking in each tiny moment as her face contorted with waves of pleasure, the sharp stinging stabs of it racing up into her quivering gut.

She got quiet, and her breath shortened into soft blowing gasps, her brow furrowed in concentration, her hands clamped down on the arms of the chair. She was coming, I began to thrust again, three fingers this time, crashing into her body, filling her, fucking her hard.

I circled her clit with my thumb, pulling back against its head in time with each thrust. Suddenly she sat bolt upright with a long wail, her body shuddering, her pussy clamping down over and over around my fingers, a stream of moisture running down my wrist. It seemed to go on forever, this heaving moaning moment, the ache between my own legs was unbearable, almost coming to a peak itself without even being touched.

At last she sagged back into the seat, panting, her red hair plastered against her forehead. I smiled up at her, and pressed up against the rough patch of nerves one last time, enjoying the violent shudder that racked her body, then withdrew my hand slowly, and pulled her skirt gently down over her knees.

I slithered up and lay over her body for a moment, and kissed her forehead, then gathered myself and stood, turning around to face the crowd of men who had gathered in the hallway. Maximus Malone smiled at me, and from the dark glow in his eyes, I knew that I had earned my reward.

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