Teens, teens everywhere you look

Bruce Stark

Everywhere you look, everything you read, everything you hear these days is all about MILFs.

Don’t get me wrong! I love a sexy mama with those curves perfect for breast feeding…

But there’s something about a cute 18, 19-year-old that just can’t be beat. Whenever I see one of those cuties strolled by me on the street, I’ll fully admit that I hurt my neck with a quick turn.

And the way those cuties dress these days… My God.

Short short skirts, with those silky smooth 18-year-old legs exposed. Sometimes squeezing out just a little tease of panty (and sometimes even a little pink…)

And those tops. So tight you can see there bra lines, and cut so low that there perky and supple tits can’t help but seep out for my (and yours) viewing pleasure

Every now and then, after a stroll around the block, I can’t help myself but come home and jump on the computer to find some cute Teens Camgirls to chat with

I mostly just watch the free rooms, but every now and then a blonde 18-year-old will grab my attention that I can help but tip again, and again. Of course, always thinking of giving her another kind of tip 😉

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