Abigail Teen Sexdoll


Meet Abigail; petite, blonde and perky. She is so preciously tiny but with such definable curves. Her body is exquisite.

Abigail just turned 19 and is in her first year of college. She will be the prime Sex Dolls company you can find! A private  attendee, she comes with a whole lot of attitude and spunk. Best way to check her attitude? Spanking, sharp, stinging spanks to her ass. She absolutely loves being spanked. In fact, she’ll deliberately make mistakes just so she can get spanked…like i said, a spunky one. Her ass is also perfect for some serious hardcore anal sex.

Abigail – Schoolgirl Sexdoll

But let’s not forget about her perfect titties which are to die for! Hard nipples, soft to the touch and bouncy, you could spend hours fondling and playing with them.

Abigail is young, energetic and a whole lot of fun. Is Abigail the right one for you?

Is Abigail for you? Abigail the school girl sex doll can be had with a wide range of custom tailor made options to make her suit your cravings!

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