Master Mikey – Master of Fags


I am Master Mikey a young 22 year old Master that lives in England UK and travels worldwide, and I manage a global harem of fags just like you, so don’t just stand there looking dumb, step forward to read more.

Your here for 1 reason,, you are a fag…a filthy unworthy… idolatrous, worshipper of Alpha gods like me. So stop pretending and get down on your knees bitch. Fag lives matter to me, and you want to be treated like a fag, to be managed like a fag, to enter into ownership and a life of servitude, and I can give that to you. Your life has no meaning, outside of worshipping a God like me.


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The Appeal of Furry BDSM

To play on the edge of sexuality means that you are bound to cross into some very interesting activities and, because BDSM is nothing if not comprehensive, you will certainly find different ways to dress up and look the part. Furry BDSM is like regular BDSM in that it extends […]

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