Alex Blakes Teen Lesbian Fun

“I can’t imagine you two doing it,” said Alex Blake.

She’d said it many times over the years.

Alex Blake and my wife had been friends since they were teenagers. Not that they were from the same school or neighborhood — far from it. Nichole (Aidra Fox) was a smart, sheltered Harlem girl, who graduated from high-school two years early with all her teeth and no children.

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Alex Blake was a wise-ass lesbian Jersey Jew. When she turned 18, she got the hell out of her house. (I did something similar, except for the lesbian part.)

‘I can’t imagine you two doing it.”

They met at work. Both girls were smart and hardworking, and always had some money. Alex Blake, although several years younger, seduced Aidra Fox. She was a force of nature.

Aidra Fox had fooled around a bit with girls, but this was more than that. It is not generally known. It was hot but brief, and they stayed best friends. I never asked for details. I didn’t meet them for ten years.

As a hetero white guy, in New York I am normal. Anywhere else, I’m a real oddball, but in NY i’m normal, so here I can relax. This made me peculiar enough to amuse Alex Blake, so we got along fine; she’s our daughter’s godmother.

“I can’t imagine you two doing it.”

She didn’t start saying it ’til after we were married, thank god. But then she said it rather often over the years.
At first I could see her point. Aidra Fox was small and round and dark, and I was long and angular and Irish pale. But after a few years it began to irk. Then I had my idea.

You all know my idea by now, right? I wanted to fuck my wife in front of Alex Blake. I wonder if Alex Blake was thinking the same thing. Aidra Fox and I both said it was just a joke.

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So I bided my time, and the planets aligned. Finally one day my perfect chance came. Just the three of us in Alex Blake’s co-op. “I can’t imagine you two doing it.”

At once I started getting hard. ‘Twas Pavlovian.

“You’ve mentioned that,” said I.

“Yeah, and you still haven’t showed me.” I got harder.

“Honey,” I said to Aidra Fox. “Let’s show her.” Aidra Fox’s mouth fell open. We’d never discussed this. I thought it sexier if it was a surprise.

I took her left hand, we were on the couch, and put it on the bulge in my jeans. She helped me adjust it, up against the fly. She started rubbing my dick through my pants.

“What? Are you crazy?” said she, even as she stroked. She was adventurous, but had never put on a show. Neither had I.

So I unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick and handed it to Aidra Fox. She took it in her fist firmly, showing it off.

Alex Blake was sitting in a low leather chair opposite us. Her mouth was open, and she was running a pointed tongue around her lips. “Oh, girl, do it.”

Slowly both ladies bent towards my cock, which throbbed in anticipation. Then Aidra Fox gave it a light kiss on the tip, then slurped. Alex Blake groaned.

I don’t know if she’d seen a human penis, much less an engorged one, since she was a teen. Anyhow, she was closely examining mine. I have a nice dick, 7 inches and thick. Cut, alas — I’d like more bits to play with.

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I undid my belt and pants and took them down to my ankles. I put my hips on the edge of the couch, knees wide apart so my balls hung below the edge. Then Alex Blake and I watched Aidra Fox give some serious head. She took me to the root. Then she pulled her thick brown lips slowly up my shaft.

Alex Blake opened her pants and sent her right hand in. I started pulling Aidra Fox’s long skirt up her round chocolate legs. Then i fingered aside her panties. Then i used my long right arm to caress her ripe brown pussy.

I pushed three fingers up her juicy twat, while thumbing her clit. Alex Blake didn’t touch, but did blow. It sent Aidra Fox over the edge. She came and squirted.

Aidra Fox stood and stripped off her skirt and panties. Then she straddled me, face to face, and sank down on my engorged pole ’til our roots met. She pulled about half-way back and started rocking her pelvis back and forth. This is great for her but a bit hard on me; under the circumstances I didn’t mind at all.

Then Aidra Fox came again, and plunged down on my thick dick, moaning and shivering. Alex Blake then cupped my balls, stroking them gently. Almost certainly I could have fucked longer, but this sent me off and I came, thrusting deep and hard.

Aidra Fox rolled off me, exhausted.

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I saw that Alex Blake had wacked herself off — she was still quivering with one hand in her open pants and the other up under her shirt.

“Well, Alex Blake, now you’ve seen,” said I.

“I sure have, and you’re a couple of filthy sex maniacs.” I think she meant it in a good way.

Everything went very smoothly. We’re still friends with Alex Blake. But should I tell Aidra Fox that Alex Blake stroked my naked balls, making me come?

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