Spanking Her College Class

Miss Natasha looked at her class of 19 college women, all seated and waiting for the lesson to begin.
“Ladies, I have decided today that instead of having a lesson, I am going to call one of you to the front of the classroom,” Miss Natasha said. “That student will be made to lift her skirt or dress, bend over, and submit to a spanking.”

The students looked at each other in surprise.

“Are there any of you who would like to be selected?” Miss Natasha asked.
None of the students said a word. They all sat with shocked surprise.
“Very well,” Miss Natasha said. “I will choose a student at random.”
Miss Natasha scanned the room. She looked at every girl, trying to decide who would be the best student to be spanked. Her eyes rested on a pretty, light brown haired girl with sparkling green eyes who was about nineteen.
“You,” Miss Natasha said to the attractive girl. “What is your name again?”

The girl froze.
“Jenifer Jane,” she replied meekly.

“Jenifer Jane,” Miss Natasha said. “Would you please stand up and step up to my desk?”

Jenife Jane looked around at her classmates. None of them looked at her. They all seemed more relieved that it had been her, and not them, who had been chosen.

Jenifer Jane did as Miss Natasha asked. When she reached the front desk, she turned around and faced Miss Natasha.
“Jenifer Jane, I would like you to bend over my desk and hold your dress above your waist,” Miss Natasha said.
Jenifer Jane’s face blushed with embarrassment.
“Do I have to?” she said.
“Yes, Jenifer Jane.” Miss Natasha said. “I understand your embarrassment, but your cooperation is mandatory.”
Jenifer Jane nodded and lowered her head. Jenifer Jane pulled the hem of her green dress above her hips, revealing a pair of white panties clinging to her trembling abdomen. Jenifer Jane bent over Miss Natasha’s desk and held the dress material with her right hand against her hip so that her panty-covered bottom was exposed.
“Thank you, Jenifer Jane,” Miss Natasha said. “Now would you kindly lower your panties?”
Jenifer Jane reached with her left hand and carefully slipped her panties down her legs and let them settle at her ankles. Jenifer Jane’s bottom was soft and pale, with pleasantly rounded cheeks. Jenifer Jane stood with her thighs pressed tightly together to preserve her modesty. Miss Natasha walked up behind Jenifer Jane and pressed the palm of her hand against Jenifer Jane’s bare bottom.

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“Jenifer Jane, I am goign to spank you several times.” Miss Natasha said. “You will need to be cooperative. Do not attempt to cover your bottom or step away. I want you to remain still until I have completed your spanking. Understood?”
“Yes, Ma’am,” Jenifer Jane said.
“Good,” Miss Natasha said.
Miss Natasha raised her hand, and swiftly smacked Jenifer Jane’s bottom. Jenifer Jane cringed under the shock. Miss Natasha smacked her once again, slightly lower than the prevoius smack.
Miss Natasha spanked Jenifer Jane again and again, all over her naked bottom. Jenifer Jane struggled to remain in place, but Miss Natasha was stinging her bottom very badly. As Jenifer Jane’s bottom became gradually redder, Miss Natasha spanked her harder, and faster. She alternated betwen Jenifer Jane’s left and right cheeks, and made sure to spread the reddened color evenly across her buttocks.
Jenifer Jane’s eyes began to fill with tears. Miss Natasha paid her tears no mind and continued spanking her several more times. Jenifer Jane’s right hand trembled, and almost let go of the hem of her dress, but Jenifer Jane held firm so that her dress would remain up.
After several successive spankings, Miss Natasha dealt Jenifer Jane one final smack to the very center of her buttocks.
“There,” Miss Natasha said. “All done. You may rise now.”
Alica stood up, and pulled her panties back up and over her burning buttocks. She let her dress fall down to her knees once again.
“That was fun, wasn’t it?” Miss Natasha said gleefully.
Jenifer Jane said nothing. She stood still, humiliated in front of her classmates and she struggled unsuccessfully to hold back her tears.
“Jenifer Jane?” Miss Natasha asked. “Didn’t you enjoy your spanking?”
Jenifer Jane shook her head no.
“Well I certainly did,” Miss Natasha said. “I’m glad we did this today. It’s good for a young lady to get her bottom smacked on a regular basis. And you Jenifer Jane, will be getting another spanking next week, understood?”
Jenifer Jane nodded her head.
“Good,” Miss Natasha said. “You may take your seat.”
Jenifer Jane walked back to her desk and sat down, but cringed as soon as she placed her sore bottom upon the chair’s surface.
Miss Natasha smiled, as and she watched Jenifer Jane squirm with discomfort, she snapped back to reality.
Miss Natasha looked at her class of 19 college women, all seated and waiting for the lesson to begin. Nineteen students, all seated comfortably on their unspanked bottoms. Miss Natasha’s fantasy was simply that. Unless she allowed it to be more. Miss Natasha took a deep breath.
“Ladies, I have decided today that instead of having a lesson, I am going to call one of you to the front of the classroom,” Miss Natasha said.

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