There HAS to be something in the water

Bruce Stark

When I say I like tits, I mean I really like tits. Big, small, teen, MILF, Asian and hell yes black!

Why on Earth does it seem like such a high percentage of our beautiful ebony lady populous have such large and delicious breasts? I’m not complaining whatsoever, I just want to get to the source of this knowledge so that just maybe we can not only replicate but even encourage!

Why am I going on and on about beautiful busty brown bunnies anyway? Let me tell you…

As you know, I spend pretty much all day just surfing the Internet for porn. And yes, I own stock in Vaseline

And in my travels, I often find something that just grabs me a little bit more than usual. And when I was surfing today I stumbled on a tube that I hadn’t run into before

Thousands and thousands and thousands of videos of beautiful black women, of all shapes and sizes.. Teens, milfs, skinny, bbw, you name it

And of course with most tubes, you can expect just about damn near any “action” that you might be into. BJs, big booties, or in my case… boobies!

See below for the hot hot hot picture that inspired this little jangle, and then head on over to African sex globe porn videos for all the black porn you could ever need.

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