What happened to the glory days of Playboy?

Bruce Stark

We all know that PornHub is one of the biggest and heavily trafficked websites in the world, and maybe even the biggest depending on who you ask and how you track. Why is that? Free porn movies, duh!

And while I love surfing the PH as much as the next guy for an endless amount of naughty videos streaming across my screen, sometimes I just want to see some NakedPics!

Carefully curated, perfectly posed, deep thought put into every single shot. Like in the old Playboy days (I still reminisce my Pammy…)

And with the Internet being full of a never-ending flow of copycats, everyone seems to think they can copy PH so now there’s thousands and thousands of garbage tubes instead of quality sites. Why can’t we just do quality?!

Starting to sound like an old man thinking of the golden days…

Anyway, back to my little story here. I love seeing beautiful pictures of beautiful women. Whether they are fucking or just posing in a cute outfit, I can’t take my eyes away.

And when I find a glistening gem of a website that lets me enjoy the pure beauty of curves on a lady, I cannot help but share it with you. So please, check out this site called NakedPics that I recently bumped into.

It’s a massive archive of photo galleries with every niche and every model you could possibly think of. Here’s a snap of the beautifully busty Yuri Luv. I sneakily left out the booby shot because I really want you to go check her, and all of the other galleries out for yourself at NakedPics Website.

Yuri Luv Topless
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