Spanking Her College Class

Miss Natasha looked at her class of 19 college women, all seated and waiting for the lesson to begin.“Ladies, I have decided today that instead of having a lesson, I am going to call one of you to the front of the classroom,” Miss Natasha said. “That student will be […]

Emmas Day Of Domination

Emma is a lovely BBW submissive. She awaits her day of domination. Anticipating being punished and dominated by her master with a pinch of fear. The waiting was always the worst part. I hated standing in the corner, my nose pressed to the wall, my stockings and panties neatly folded […]

Emilys Spanking and Humiliation

“Is she gone?” the petite woman whispered to her husband, as she peered shyly downstairs, two weeks to the day after he had promised to initiate her into the world of spanking that he loved. Magick nodded. Magick’s voice, usually so charming and tender, took on such a note of […]

Beauvoir Earns A Whipping

Beauvoir was an anal bitch sometimes. She had not wanted her life to go the way it did, but it had and now she was dealing with it in her typical commandeering way. She had met Big John in college and fallen in love at first sight. They began dating, […]

The Female Lawyer Spanked

It had begun, as it always did, with a phone call. That voice on the other end of the line–his voice. Soft and measured, with a manner as calm as his words were innocuous, or surely would have seemed to the casual listener. “We need to talk.” Sitting at her […]